accident in the workshop *fanfare*

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12 Jan 2003
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the rabbit (as usual) was "helping me" in the workshop............ which normally means sitting exactly in the way, or running off with something I need, or chewing ANYTHING in range :lol:

well, after returning to the warm workshop with a cuppa I found a massive clump of fur and a hiding rabbit.

SOMEHOW she had managed to completely skin on of the toes on her front foot (*OUCH*) , nail, fur and skin.

obviously Mrs kityuser made a massive fuss and with "blues flashing" my deisel mondeo rushed to the "emergency vet" (££££££££!).

well all I can say is that its a bloody good job that its insured (long story), because it had to stay in over night (££££££££!)

at the least the excess is only......... hang on........... £55! :shock:

the things I do....... I am never going to live this down at work!.

safe to say the rabbit is banned now from the workshop.

update.........latest in.............
latest from the vets is that she survived the op, and is recovering in the "bunny wing"

without insurance the bill stands at post £300 !!!!!
sadly the "vet hospital" is a really posh one (MRI scanner and everything)

thus the large bill, I would bet the vet is on a fairly high wage, not the job for me though.

could it have involved a rabbit plane? :lol:
Yeh, I almost gagged on it myself after I'd posted it :oops:
Mudman wrote
Considering how many feet she's got

Ahhhh i know, she's one of those rare Amazonian

There not like hamsters you know, you can't put a wabbit
on a belt sander for exercise :shock:

devonwoody":2pek4n04 said:
I 've got a mouse that visits my workshop.
Does the team think I should take out some pet insurance?

No, but buy some cheese for it :wink:
Last year I found a sleeping hedgehog under a tool cupboard in the workshop. Gives you some idea of the gap under the rotting doors and why I don't do much this time of year.


what about a new door or patching up the old one :roll: :wink:


ps You'll need a much bigger mousetrap for a hedgehog :shock:
How is the bunny progressing?
I had a thought, you can buy rabbit at the butchers for around £2 per lb. and your insurance company have paid out £280?. How much does your rabbit weigh?
I don't think it was an economical investment for someone. :twisted:
its fine.

recovering, and costing me money all the time.

The stupid thing does`nt seem to have realised whats happened, seems none the wiser and is getting into as much trouble as possible.

alot poorer

no u see I have a very clever bunny that although PREFERS live wires never seems to get a bolt!

she has taken a perticular fancy to Mrs Kityuser`s braided iron lead :)

bless her! nosey naughty bunny is not a strong enough description. I`ve not known anything like it, the bandsaw, kango, sds drill, table saw just don`t seem to phase here, can`t say the same about me :shock:

I`m not even going to try to describe what a mess she got in when she "helped" me change the oil in both of my cars :?


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