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  1. Ttrees

    Lidl metalwork bench vice and heavy duty f clamp coming up 26 sept

    Just thought some of you might be interested in these upcoming tools what I believe will be available in Lidl on the 26th September. The vice is £20 and the f clamps are for sale @7 each for a single, but a pair or a three pack of the smaller sizes are there too. Needed a decent compact vice in...
  2. Ttrees

    Sharpening Jig - What do you think?

    One tip for sharpening, likely one which cannot be argued with is.. Looking at the back/face tomato/tomato and seeing if it's the same profile with no wire edge after a lick. This is easier with a whiteboard hung on the wall I find, as it really helps to see the burr, and tells you where you...
  3. Ttrees


    @pe2dave Thanks for reminding me to sthick that video on my watch list. Tom
  4. Ttrees

    Basic tools....

    Is there f clamps in lidl at this very minute? I have bought a bin full of the largest size, and rate them mens shed indestructible!. I haven't tested out the other two smaller sizes, to see if the screw heads might fall off. (the Achillies heel of many a clamp) Might get one or two today if the...
  5. Ttrees


    No, but possibly the best tool for overgrown hedges, and likely depending on species/growth so maybe a sickle and loopers is more likely a better tools for the job? Tom
  6. Ttrees

    Wilson mortice machine convert to 240v???

    Did you buy it? I can't see what it says, but I don't see 240v anywhere. I see what appears to be 400 / 410? If it's fixed star wound, then you'd need to dig out the windings to find the star point. I'm guessing the fixed star wound motor would have some more information apart from 400 and 410...
  7. Ttrees

    Aptc table saw...

    If it's been there for a lung tang, then surely those wires are due an inspection. While you're checking for anything stuck in it, rat cat etc... Check if anything is in the motor fan, as it could likely be plastic, delicate and balanced, sorta.
  8. Ttrees

    Tools: Fewer but more expensive, or more but cheaper?

    Just giving some options should one be in a position without having a vice or anything really. A few large f clamps from Lidl would do all of ones workholding, even if one was just using an old sleeper or whatever. The largest of these powerfix ones are about 7 or 8 pounds each, With the large...
  9. Ttrees

    Tools: Fewer but more expensive, or more but cheaper?

    Just gonna chuck some more stuff/options out there, as the biggest obstacle is finding a compact or functional design that would suit a solid timber top, something like in the photo with the trestles say, (as in laminated planks on edge) It might be worth noting that a built in vice is not too...
  10. Ttrees

    Tools: Fewer but more expensive, or more but cheaper?

    If all else fails, motor oil and plastic bags. quote @sorslibertas To be clear, I'm not a handtool only zealot. The bench and really good lighting are always the most underrated tools, which is doublelly important if not having machines to process the stock. I don't have a planer thicknesser...
  11. Ttrees

    Tools: Fewer but more expensive, or more but cheaper?

    Haha, yes I tried to do it the other way beforehand, but I have some sort of dyscalculia. Tried several ways to do these double tenons, which I admit was a challenge with all methods I've tried. It was adding the offset which was some odd measurement, was screwing with my brain :D Tried using...
  12. Ttrees

    Tools: Fewer but more expensive, or more but cheaper?

    From what I've seen the wheel gauges seem more versatile, and can be good for those who might not be as good with their math as they would like. Not saying that a wooden one can't be as good or better for most jobs, but in 10 years, yet to see someone honestly demonstrating the traditional...
  13. Ttrees

    Tools: Fewer but more expensive, or more but cheaper?

    Will take note of that Jacob, although I've only probably used the thing once or twice TBH. It seems strange the amount of play in the slot and the blade. It could be that way to counteract rust I suppose, but just could be whatever blade they were cutting the slot with either? I love the wheel...
  14. Ttrees

    Tools: Fewer but more expensive, or more but cheaper?

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I don't really see your introduction as a question, because I have no clue what you're intending to make. i.e Outfitting stuff like stairs, kitchen units doors carpentry and joinery, or fine woodworking starting with boxes or things which up your skills to make...
  15. Ttrees

    Joke thread

    Thanks to Dr Silvia for sorting out meds for the carbuncle I had where the sun don't shine. Rang again today semi delirious from pain and no sleep to see if I could up my meds, but was advised to go to the big house instead. Considered this, but needed a nap first and thankfully not needed to go...