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    Live interview with RON HOCK about "The Perfect Edge" Thursday night.

    Does he still push A2 for his choice of steel?
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    leather washer or no?

    I have 4 Sorbys, one was really soft, another a bit soft, and the remaining two, good. After grinding back about 1/4”, both softies were fine. The chisels feel really nice in hand, but the washer? Paring chisels are pushed! I find it funny how some brands introduce paring chisels that are...
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    leather washer or no?

    For what its worth, you mentioning the washer, drew my eye to it. Inspecting tang chisels I have, it seems more present on modern chisels rather than vintage. One of the strangest, were my Sorby paring chisels, that are only pushed, with no need of a washer to absorb shock. Anyhow, the...
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    How much is enough?

    Very nice style David! I favor tang chisels and this traditional look.
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    Quangsheng parts

    For me, I would drill out the broken bits, then re-tap to common thread sizes or for the knob/screw sizes available! These are tools, not collector pieces.
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    Clifton needs to make a router plane

    We get very few Faithfull tools this side of the pond. Are they of Record quality level?
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    Clifton needs to make a router plane

    Fact of the matter is an organized business must make money to remain a viable business. Too many boutique makers (here in the states) begin making/selling items, expecting buyers to pay premium pricing to support their hobby (Function of the woodworking bloggers, most of whom have found it...
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    Make fun of the foolish american buyer....

    Now, if anyone here wants to oil impregnate a wood plane body, send it my way, as I have equipment that can do that (I make permanently oiled bronze bushings/bearings as a very minor part of my manufacturing business)
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    Make fun of the foolish american buyer....

    Texas grid issues were of their own making and when warnings went out to producers to winterize (at least several years), said warnings were ignored! All Texas politicians, should be squirming. David, PM me your email and I’ll send you the resin MSDS (here in the States, that is the...
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    Make fun of the foolish american buyer....

    Let me see if I can get you an MSDS sheet. That would list flash point, so it would be less. Regular oil goes in around 225F.
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    Make fun of the foolish american buyer....

    might bear out experimenting with a “junker”. You could actually do the impregnating in your shop, using a vessel that heats the resin to liquid and soaking the plane body. This method might actually be better, as the resin might not penetrate to the depth caused by a vacuum.
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    Make fun of the foolish american buyer....

    David, Seek out a zinc plater in your area and see if they also do resin impregnation. If so, that’s your ticket instead of BLO. If you can’t located one, let me know and I’ll see what I can do near where I am. T.
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    What's your Router Plane Style

    Not a reproduction, but vintage Stanley 71.
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    Handle wood omnibus

    David: is this another chisel you have made? If so, you really need to have a stamp made to imprint, at least, your initial, if not your last name, on the steel. T.
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    Clifton 4 1/2 Smoother

    I have a Clifton #3, bought several decades ago. And one of my favorite planes. The finish of it is as good as LN (I have quite a few of theirs), and with the green & polish edges of the sole very attractive. I quite like the two cap iron (to me, it acts similar to the Miller Falls two piece...