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  1. Tony Works Wood

    Restoring 18C longcase clock case

    All those defects add character and tells a tale. It look brilliant as it is.
  2. Tony Works Wood

    Wadkin RU lathe restoration

    I know the feeling. I'm doing the same. Not interested in full time production anymore. Just enjoy using the machines keeping them alive. Tony
  3. Tony Works Wood

    wadkin PK restoration

    That hand screw Knob is paramount. You can't mistake a Wadkin Spindle Moulder split fence. Brilliant use as a substitute rip fence. Tony
  4. Tony Works Wood

    Wadkin RU lathe restoration

    Fantastic refurbishment. Have you enough work for it to be kept busy full time? Cheers Tony
  5. Tony Works Wood

    Mystery - Bench top Table Saw parts

    It is an aftermarket auxiliary fence, in layman's terms. If your sticking veneers on both sides of a panel they could be overhanging the board edges, bigger in size than the board or sometimes called the core as it's in the centre. If you lift that auxiliary fence up so the veneer underneath the...
  6. Tony Works Wood

    SCM Super Router Refurbishment

    That's a nice small one is it a pneumatic rise and fall head, I can't see a foot pedal? These are fantastic machines, underestimated nowadays but once one of the main machines in the cabinet and aircraft industries. It looks in really good condition. This is what I use, I fabricated the...
  7. Tony Works Wood

    Riving knife

    Hi HPPS, I've got a 72 10" AGS also. Message me if you need any more info. My riving knife is different from the ones already posted. You can see it working on my YT channel with my same name as here. Tony Y
  8. Tony Works Wood

    Advice on table saw that is "quietish"

    You could buy a quiet saw but the blade might scream its head off. Check on quiet running blades as well.
  9. Tony Works Wood

    What wood

    I'll throw a spanner in the works. It could be African Mahogany or Luan, these are lighter in their natural colour. Both have been used to imitate/substitute the quality South American Mahogany's in the past but are a lot less expensive to buy. They are not as durable outside as the former. I'd...
  10. Tony Works Wood

    Hello from Plymouth

    Hi drobinson87, That planer thicknesser sounds cheap, If it's ok I'd snap it up it will save you hours of sanding. I've used this Makita sander for decades it doesn't rock or tip. I had a monster Elu before it was a nightmare to use on veneers so got shot. Pic of Makita sander, it's an old one...
  11. Tony Works Wood

    Thinking of new Disc Sander

    That Record Power DS300 will be a super machine, especially with a 1 HP motor. I've had a home made 12" disc sander, Picador aluminium disc and a 1/4 HP ex washing machine number for about 46 years. Great but you have to allow it to cut slowly, The 1HP motor will eat the wood alive. This is the...
  12. Tony Works Wood

    Hello, from the Fens

    Hi. You've taken up some good subjects on the CNC side. I haven't got any lol, still old school.
  13. Tony Works Wood

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Hi everyone. This was the last item I made, just to try out the table saw finger joint jig I made before it. The timber is from an old Pine wardrobe shelf panel.
  14. Tony Works Wood

    Badgering in Newcastle

    You have a great little set up. Tony
  15. Tony Works Wood

    Wadkin MD morticer restoration

    Brilliant job. These old machines are great when the come out of small independent workshops because usually all the bits are still intact, the accessories are with them and they haven't been abused by the gorillas. It looks superb as it is, unmolested. Are you going to completely strip and...