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    Cordless Drills & Battery Conditioning

    Cheers guy's As said earlier, I understand that LiPo or NiMh batteries need their own charger so it's looking increasingly like flogging the drills and starting afresh might be the way to go. I too had a toothbrush that lasted for years and was only ditched when the rubber handle turned all...
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    Cordless Drills & Battery Conditioning

    Hi all. Has anyone recently purchased a cordless drill where the battery charger has a battery conditioning facility ? If like me you are just a hobby/diy user of cordless tools you eventually end up with perfectly good tools with knackered batteries due to periods of storage or inactivity and...
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    Lack of Woodworking programs on TV

    I'm of the same opinion about woodworking magazines too, (a distinct lack of them). However I have set myself up with a couple of Chromecast devices and several YouTube followings so whatever I see on my laptop is on my TV screen. I can also cast from any other device that hosts YouTube. When...
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    Time to pack it all in....

    I've been trying to get into hobby woodworking for quite some time now, I'm almost there but space to work is a massive problem for me. I purchased some kit quite a while ago but never really got started and lately the bug has been eating at me to make a further push to getting going. The main...
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    Tracksaw Track Hinge. Home Made MFT

    Well. I think I've just answered my own question here with this YouTube video which is precisely what I'm trying to achieve. I will leave the topic up in case it interests anyone else but if anyone has further suggestions all to the good.
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    Tracksaw Track Hinge. Home Made MFT

    Hi all. As a hobby woodworker I'm not in a position to afford the luxury of the Festool MFT table, however I do intend to make my own top complete with dog holes and would like to be able to have one of my Triton tracksaw tracks on a hinge from the back of the surface top to lift up out of the...
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    Incra ibox & British table saws

    Sideways, Peter, Trevanion. Thanks very much for your replies, A friend of mine has given me some acetal sheet which I can use to make a new bar as per Peters suggestion and will be good for my crosscut sled which is in the planning. Subject to measurements I think I will also go for the ground...
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    Incra ibox & British table saws

    Some time ago I purchased the Incra ibox finger joint jig but have not had a chance yet to use it and the main reasons are twofold, firstly the rail that slides in the table saw mitre track is too big for most if not all British/European slots and this means having to make a smaller rail perhaps...
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    Hardwood timber suppliers in Yorkshire

    Good post this, was going to ask the same question. I live in Bridlington and other than Snainton who are excellent but mainly dealing with turners, there is very little in the way of timber suppliers for more exotic stuff, will be paying Duffields a visit myself. Cheers guy's.
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    Lathe trips Consumer unit, any ideas why?

    We had a twitchy circuit breaker on some shed lights at work, they would trip out on switch on and our sparky said it was the circuit breaker at the limits of it's tolerances and he fitted a slightly higher rated one and all is fine now.
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    Woodworking In Later Years

    Hi folks. Got rather an off the wall question here but I'd be interested to hear from all those who took up woodworking later in their lives, perhaps on retirement or after redundancy and how you found the learning curve, did you intend making a living from it or just purely for pleasure. How...
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    Plane Matters

    Thanks for the responses there guy's, it gives me plenty to go on. This No4 is old but of no antique value as millions of them were made but it will get some care and good use. Cheers again. :D
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    Plane Matters

    Hi Guy's. I'm aiming this question at those who have in the past repaired or refurbished a hand plane. I've recently come by a Record No4 smooth plane that needs a little TLC and one I have decided to clean up a small amount of light surface rust and re-varnish the wooden handles. Now the main...
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    Birch plywood

    Am I right in thinking that a lot of this very pale plywood that people make shop jigs with is Birch Faced ?
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    Metal Coatings

    I have several items of woodworking tools and machinery parts that have a thin black coating on them, a coating that I can only describe as being like engineers blue or a patina only its black. Now due to a lack of forethought on my part some of this coating has suffered some light rusting due...