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    No longer remotely Shaker(ish) dining table

    The top looks lovely but I'm not keen on the green paint.
  2. Steliz

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Nice table Paul. I like the effect you've gone for on the top.
  3. Steliz

    Strange design of park bench- any ideas?

    I think whatever went through the holes was to either link them to another bench or secure them to something.
  4. Steliz

    The Chop, Sky History (Sky 123)Thuesday 15th 9:00

    You're right, I didn't mean 'actively' promote but anyone looking at his face is subjected to the 'advertising'.
  5. Steliz

    Help with a stubborn double through mortise and tenon

    Have you checked the other side of the top to see if it still square? The end grain on your board shows the centre of the tree so it could be that the wood is moving and opening up that gap.
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    The Chop, Sky History (Sky 123)Thuesday 15th 9:00

    He has them tattooed all over his face, in what way is he keeping it to himself? The Nazis are not a political party, they are a hate group. It doesn't matter whether anyone recognises them or not, the fact that he has Nazi and White Supremacist symbols tattooed on his face is enough. He won't...
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    Where to buy...

    I've also got the 1100A (with the cloth bag) and I have considered trying to improve the collection by having a cyclone and also reduce the footprint it takes up in my shop but i'm confused by the comment above. Surely, if nothing gets to the bag then everything goes to the box which is quite...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Yes John, I'm just getting these panels finished, then laquered, then installed. Should be a few more days, weather permitting. Steve
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    The Chop, Sky History (Sky 123)Thuesday 15th 9:00

    Apparently the number tattoos are all just an unfortunate coincidence! To commemorate the death of his father in 1988 he decided to have 88 tattood on his face so that whenever he looks in the mirror he'll be reminded, not of his father, but of the year he died! Makes perfect sense.
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    Securely joining an 100 degree mitre corner?

    The L shaped brackets that you can get at B&Q are quite easy to bend if you don't mind how it looks.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Still a work in progress, the panels to fence the sides of the Pergola I've just finished.
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    Another Joke

  13. Steliz

    AndyT`s Bench.Talk.101 now on YouTube

    Maybe it's just me that doesn't know but what is benchtalk 101?
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    The Chop, Sky History (Sky 123)Thuesday 15th 9:00

    I don't have Sky TV so, you guys watch it and I'll tune in here for the forensic analysis. One of the celebrity presenters is dressed as a lumberjack and I'm going to let that fact cloud my judgement. :unsure:
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    Yet another "which lathe to buy" post

    From my point of view I've had a RP305, an RP CL4 and I now have an Axminster AT1628VS. All of them have been good but I knew that I was going to be using a lathe for as long as I am able so I upgraded to the Axminster which has everything I'll ever need. The head swivels which is great for my...