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    Startrite 301 motor broken

    I think that the motor was damaged due too it being in a slightly open space for a few weeks while repairs on my workshop where being done meaning wet air cold have got into it, I’m going to first try and source a replacement motor rather than get tbis one fixed. I’m very new too this sort of...
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    Startrite 301 motor broken

    I recently bought a startrite 301 from a neighbour for £150, it worked fine when I got it but after very little use it suddenly stopped working and tripping out every time it was turned on. At first we thought it was the switch but after an electro toon freind of the person I bought it off had a...
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    Bandsaw fuse blows

    i know it’s a long shot because it’s been years since you posted this but if you do see this and managed too don’t a suitable motor could you give me a message
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    Bit the bullet... Startrite 301 Bandsaw

    I had the exact same thing happen on my 301 last week with the switch, could you show the exact switch that you got to work because I’m less that useless with electronics