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    Aldi Bandsaw ( new model) coming soon. Buy it or choose other model

    Axminster have a deal on at the moment that might be of interest to people AXMINSTER CRAFT AC1400B BANDSAW £179, 80mm cut depth, 250w motor, cast iron table
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    Things that bug you!!

    I think the problem with the original advertisement on amazon is a seller listing error. The seller has setup their amazon seller account and simply found the product and clicked "i have one of those to sell for £x and shipping is £y and im prepared to ship to the UK" - it's basically that...
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    Things that bug you!!

    It took me years to figure out this problem. I found any ebay voucher codes would not work for me, weird errors whenever I tried to use it, couldn't attach my nectar card to my ebay account. I could happy sell and buy. The problem is because your ebay account was created in a different...
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    Did you buy any cheap tools that surprised you with being actually good?

    I like the youtubers who use common tools. Over time you see them buying the nice expensive stuff from the money they get from youtube - fair enough, but I think it causes problems once they start using specialist tools. I like to watch the videos as I get ideas on how to solve problems and...
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    Dragons Den

    I think it is around motivating, by reward, the inventors to achieving success sooner, if they meet a defined valuation (or arguably liquidity) goal. Lets put it a different way: In your example 15% for £50k puts a value of the business at £333,3333 today. If in two years time, if the...
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    Routing thick end grain at the table

    You have a very interesting type of glue there in the picture!
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    Temperature Monitoring

    I'll pull out some models later tonight. That one from amazon - that looks about right. Here are some nice tutorials that explain how to wire it up and what code to use, this is how i learnt: and...
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    Temperature Monitoring

    Yup it does, it is these lines: Supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity with speeds up to 150 Mbps. Support for both Classic Bluetooth v4.2 and BLE specifications. There are loads of models of esp32 and esp8266. A confusing array in fact which can make purchasing one confusing. If people...
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    Temperature Monitoring

    Depending on how techy you are, I have done similar things using an ESP8266 or ESP32 and a a ds18b20 temp sensor. The esp32 or esp8266 are wifi and bluetooth enabled arduino compatible microcontrollers. Dirt cheap. esp8266 (older cheaper version of the esp32) you can get for a a couple quid...
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    Aldi Bandsaw ( new model) coming soon. Buy it or choose other model

    I wonder if the ones that came damaged can get replaced with a non-dented one now they are back in stock. Anyone feel cheeky enough to give a shot?
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    Anyone up for new measuring kit?

    im interested too. never heard of that brand before, other peoples insights would be appreciated
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    Decent hinges anyone

    I agree here. there are certain areas that I know little about (many actually, im new to woodworking) and need peoples wisdom here to help steer me to a good decision. I've been trying to figure out drawer runners. Loads of options to buy, cheap to expensive, many different styles. Watched...
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    Auction of machinery and timber.

    I went poking around the site and saw some lego. So i searched for more and saw after the fees and vat and what not the lego was selling at only 5% below market rate, which you could find cheaper buying off amazon or argos. :confused: doesnt seem like that great a price
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    Repairs to butcher's block

    Personally, I'd push for a bit more of a refund. The cost of materials and time to fix. But that is a personal thing. I buy things rather than make them primarily to save time, if it doesn't save me time, it's significantly worth less to me. If this is intended to just be decorative rather...
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    Did you buy any cheap tools that surprised you with being actually good?

    I have that same mitre gauge but not used it much because I bought the wrong fence :/ Do you have a link to the fence you purchased and the metric thumb screws too? - I'll buy the same