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  1. peter-harrison

    Uses for sambucus nigra

    I wouldn't say it was fragile. Useless, maybe, especially for anything large. It's always twisted and this makes it hard to season without a lot of distortion, hence hard to get big pieces. I have made small boxes with it and it's been perfectly ok. Looks-wise, it's quite like tulipwood.
  2. peter-harrison

    Compound cuts

    I have to confess that despite having been a woodworker for 40 years, I don't get on very well with this kind of thing. What I often do is waste lots of bits of scrap on trial cuts! Good luck
  3. peter-harrison

    Vacuum Workholding ( Vac Sys)

    I'm thinking of getting one of these. Can you just give me a brief idea of how it helps in use? I do a lot of Domino, edge routing, sanding, trimming edgebanding etc. Thanks! Pete
  4. peter-harrison

    Collection boxes and clock for Cambridge Central Mosque

    Here they are finished and installed. The boxes are English oak on a birch ply core, and the clock is sand-shaded oak veneer on a cnc’d birch ply base. The clock graphics are laser- cut vinyl
  5. peter-harrison

    3 wheels or 4?

    I’ve got to get a new power feed for my spindle moulder. The present one is a three- wheeler which is the only kind I’ve ever used. What’s the advantage of the 4th wheel? Is it worth the extra £ 150 odd?
  6. peter-harrison


    Superglue plus accelerator would be my choice. Mitremate is good. I make a lot of maquettes in my work, and superglue is what I use for them. It seems to last pretty well. I have had a few joints fail, but they were where there was quite a small area of contact, a position where any glued butt...
  7. peter-harrison

    Router table plate FTAGH

    Hi, I’ve used this for many years It’s drilled for 2 different Festool routers plus a few others. There’s an infeed pin and three aperture reducers. free to collect from 38 cheddars lane CB58LD or posted in Uk for £5.
  8. peter-harrison

    How to strengthen a 19mm oak panel

    To me a torsion box is a closed box where all the edges are fixed to each other, and there are some ribs or other internals if it’s quite a lot smaller in one dimension. It’s not a box as a furniture maker would think of one. It makes rigid structures from quite flexible materials by ensuring...
  9. peter-harrison

    How to strengthen a 19mm oak panel

    I don't want to be picky but this is not how a torsion box gets its strength. What makes it strong is that it is triangulated in all directions.
  10. peter-harrison

    Bit Fed Up

    My favourite lame woodworker joke is "why are they called mitres?" Because they mitre fit
  11. peter-harrison

    Used lathes

    I got my Graduate for £350 on eBay- it involved patience and luck. It's the 5th lathe I've used (Picador Pup, antique treadle lathe, Record Power, Myford ML8) and the only one I've liked. If you have used several lathes and found them wanting, you won't be disappointed. However, it would be...
  12. peter-harrison


    And I agree with AJB Temple above about drawers being better than doors. However, the drawers I use come in at at least £110 each when you add up boxes, runners, fitting etc. People often have a lot of stuff in their kitchens (fondue set/ spiralizer etc) that they rarely use, so spending a lot...
  13. peter-harrison


    One thing I always ask my clients is what they dislike about their present kitchen. Price also figures- drawers more expensive than doors which are more than open shelves.