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    Wanted Wadkin trenching tool

    I am trying to replace the blades on my Wadkin trenching attatchment if anyone can help, it’s only the blades I need the body is fine
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    Wadkin trenching tool

    I’m trying to replace the blades on a Wadkin trenching tool, anyone any idea where I might buy some, it is only the blades I need the rest of the tool is fine
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    The photo is misleading with the light shining in the bottom, it did flow and was not flat bottomed as it looks
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    Mark out the desired area of bark and soak with CA, I found that to work for me
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    Wadkin RS

    I’ll post some tomorrow for you Vann
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    18” natural edge oak bowl a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law
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    Wadkin RS

    How do I contact Wallace
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    Wadkin RS

    Hi everyone I’m new to this site, I have been turning on and off for 50 years, I have a Wadkin RS and have been trying for a long time to buy a new banjo as that was missing when I acquired the lathe. Any help would be appreciated