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  1. K

    Any (post 2008) Economists in the house? - Inflation.

    Alpha ++ for your first paragraph Please rewrite your second and resubmit for remarking. 😀😀
  2. K

    Sir Clive Sinclair

    I remember I had one with a membrane keyboard and then graduated to one with wobbly rubber keys. Sinclair seemed a much nicer man than Sugar.
  3. K

    another of Jacob's rants.

    I normally don’t wait to be asked on such matters but do with it what you will. 😀
  4. K

    another of Jacob's rants.

    “There is no such thing as society” M Thatcher. Reagan and Thatcher were both a**holes of the first order in my opinion.
  5. K

    Joke thread

    The nearest town to where I lived when I was a kid was Oldham. It was like a ghost town in wakes week. Literally everything was shut. But because the weeks were staggered around the cotton towns and always the same dates you could go shopping in a neighbouring town.
  6. K

    Vickers Wellington Mk.1V

    They are lovely pieces of work. My dad was a Navigator in Wellingtons during the war. I still have his logbook with details of all his operations - mainly bombing raids on Rumanian oilfields flying from Southern Italy.
  7. K

    Axminster price increases

    The view of many economists is that inflationary pressures are building. Any business would be wise to factor that in. My personal experience of Axminster is very positive.
  8. K

    Looking for a shoulder plane...

    Bet I can dig out my SP faster than you can dig out your marking knife, saw and chisel!😀
  9. K

    Lots of hot air

    It really puzzles me that people can think that “they” are doing “all this” so that they can “pull all our strings”. It must be paranoia.
  10. K

    Lots of hot air

    That a load of 💩
  11. K

    Lots of hot air

    Sorry, not so. Life started long before man came on the scene and the animals that evolved into man were prey to other more evolved creatures. We gradually overtook them and now have an unassailable lead - which, I agree, we are misusing hugely.
  12. K

    Which wall fastenings for twin slot shelving?

    I’ve always used these for brick and have been very happy with the results...
  13. K

    Lots of hot air

    Man has evolved to be “top dog” with a disproportionate amount of power. That is not a “belief” it’s a “fact”.
  14. K

    Rutlands,Axminster,Titman router bits

    Axminster for me but to be fair mine don’t get particularly heavy use.
  15. K

    Router tables - cast iron or MDF & resin?

    I have the Axminster UJK table and an very pleased with it. I try to stick to metric items for compatibility. Axminster do offer a Melamine top version and of course the larger Cast Iron and Melamine versions.