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  1. J

    How to clamp a mortice & tenoned frame

    glue the wood packers to the rails with superglue/hot glue gun and knock them off after? or Glue/double sided tape them to the clamps and knock them off after?
  2. J

    Is this asbestos?

    Your council will test for cheap or possibly free. Well, Glasgow and Edinburgh certainly do.
  3. J

    Boat builders' thread

    There are some very pretty canoe yawls I must admit. I'm a bit of a sucker for a Catboat aswell if I was going the direction of cruising.
  4. J

    Boat builders' thread

    I have been looking into building a ply stand up paddle board. Which then morphed into looking at tortured ply canoes. Naturally I am now looking at things like Paper Jets and Cherubs. It's only 20 years since i last sailed 420s and i'm looking at single hander skiffs with asymetrics and...
  5. J

    Adhesive/sealer for water rower tank - any advice?

    The glue they use on phones shells is pretty handy stuff. T 5000, something like that. Waterproof, low viscosity, bit gap filly, let's go with a hairdryer or ipa, clear. Quite nice stuff to use has a metal needle tip so you can put it right where you want it. Can be a bit stringy though.
  6. J

    Colouring water based filler

    I'm not sure why you would be embarrassed. You've clearly developed a technique that works very very well probably changing things incrementally. That's the worst position to be in for spotting a big change. I would echo the above comment about a rundown on your home made tools etc. I can't...
  7. J

    Colouring water based filler

    Could you adjust your build process to square up the join? Pretty sure some airfix models the bottom of the wind continues through and the top is notched to create a half lap join on the body. Leave the final shaping of the wing root until its all together type thing? Lovely planes, my...
  8. J

    UPVc Window Seals

    I have a bucket of the stuff as I slowly work my way round the house fixing bits and pieces. I find the trick is getting it started by "threading" it in, cutting it at an angle and using the back of a knife (cheap IKEA cutlery knife not your finest Japanese steel cleaver) I hook the end in with...
  9. J

    Trench for water, electricty and waste

    Your inspection chamber ( assuming that big yellow dot is a 450mm IC (not a manhole) means you don't need a rodding point as your pipe run is straight. If its existing though you might find you need a deeper one if you are including a toilet that waste pipe needs to be 1in40 from memory so...
  10. J

    What's the groove on this hinge for?

    I never claimed it was a good use of anyone time :D. Nor what it was for just observing it wasn't that daft.
  11. J

    What's the groove on this hinge for?

    Is it not easier to use that line because you will be able to see high spots. Using the whole leaf just confirm whether it wobbles or not (and the right depth obviously)
  12. J

    cad design for workshop

    I'm not. And i spend most of my days building pretty complex civil 3d and revit models. I would say i'm pretty proficient. I mean a quick sketch in 2D software fair enough or a quick sketchup model to see how something looks* . But designing in CAD is hard and i quite often start on a bit of...
  13. J

    Filling large gap under skirting?

    I've done it with a pine slither, wher the sag in the floor would have required taking ALOT of material off the skirting right round the room. tap it in, trim flush, paint. job jobbed.
  14. J

    Joinery with thin OSB

    Could you build a frame with grooves and use the OSB as panels. I quite like OSB aslong as the edges are hidden
  15. J

    Gardening multi tools

    No for spacing seeds and plants. Its not really necessary depends how terrible someone is at knowing distances. Or can't eyeball a straight line. Will find it later. Basically the scarifier with no wheels. First thing i did when opened it was cut my hand on it which was a bad sign for the moss.