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  1. J

    Did you buy any cheap tools that surprised you with being actually good?

    I've been buying lots of stuff from Banggood, most have been tested and recommended via a YouTube guy called Hooked on Wood. Price is relative of course these tools are extremely cheap when compared to American companies like Woodpecker or Kreg, which the Chinese are copying. One example is...
  2. J

    DIY Table saw

    Interesting and very useful input thank you all. I thought I'd mention why am I'm planning this. My existing table saw has a very flimsy top made from aluminium extrusions and sheet, overall the thickness is 22mm, it has a distinct bow across the width and the fence is hard to set being of also...
  3. J

    DIY Table saw

    Ok thanks for your comments, If I understand this, the router should go on the right hand side of the table - because with the fence between the saw blade and the router cutter, the feed is right to left ie the opposite way for the infeed to the saw blade. As to the position of the saw blade...
  4. J

    DIY Table saw

    Greetings, I'm planning to build a table saw and router worktop with cabinets below using components from my existing cheap 10 inch table saw. The top would be about 1200 wide and 1000 deep with and additional flap up extension on the outfeed side My first question is to do with the positioning...
  5. J

    SCHEPPACH Tiger 2000s wet grinder

    Hi, I have a minor problem with this grinder - there is a rubber drive ring (140 dia x 20mm wide v 10mm thick) fitted on a plastic wheel, this is driven directly from the motor by a small dia metal spindle. I had mine tensioned very tightly and left for months - the rubber ring has developed a...