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    A post about nothing much at all.

    Plus one for skip diving. I have made wonderful things from other people's rubbish.(y)
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    Sold Trend Router Cutter C158, 1/2" TC Guided Tongue & Groover

    Ok thanks for letting me know.
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    Sold Trend Router Cutter C158, 1/2" TC Guided Tongue & Groover

    Hi is this still available.thanks.
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    What do you use to clean your bits?

    Shower gel😊👍.. sorry.😂😅
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    Wanted Legacy ornamental mill

    Hi guys.. looking for a legacy ornamental mill with accessories.. preferably 1500mm bed minimum.. Thanks 👍
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    Bring back the original talking just pure craft all the way.
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    Lets talk hedge trimmers.

    I have Stihl combi setup..only ever had one problem faulty spark plug.. replaced by dealer under warranty..10 years on and still cutting a 3mtr X 40mtr conifer hedge..👍
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    Which Noise cancelling ear defenders?

    Bose quiet comfort.
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    Fed up sharpening pencils

    Aldi buy one get 20 free😁
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    Fed up sharpening pencils

    It's behind your ear😁
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    Hi all. Is it just me or does the rutlands warehouse clearance sale appear to be tuning into a 12 month DFS style ongoing sale.😁.
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    Screwfix, what an utter pain in the proverbial

    Wots with the postcode and invoice system...why can't you just walk in and pay cash etc without having to give personal information..
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    4” belt sander

    I'd get another Makita 9401. Solid as a rock and doubles up as a ride on lawnmower if your stuck.😃