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    Burnishing a 112 scraper plane blade

    I get very good results (IMHO) with no burr. The Lie-Nielsen site also says you get very good results without it, and they recommend sharpening at 45° without a hook. A2 steel is VERY hard to give a hook to at plane blade hardnesses (RC 60-62). Lie-Nielsen 112 blades are not as hard as their...
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    It's here...

    And the premium Japanese chisels. So they finally have a nice set of chisels. ... at=51&ap=1
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    how do you treat your plane?

    Usually on shavings, otherwise A.
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    Rob Lee's new plough plane

    Neat! It seems that all those comments about the LV handles are having a measurable effect...they definitely look more curvy to me (at least the part that fits into the palm). :D :D :D I can't wait to try it out either!
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    How flat is flat?

    Thanks for the tip Joel, makes a lot of sense!
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    Japanese Saws vs. Western Saws

    Ditto. David's first two books probably had a greater influence on my woodworking than all other books I've read combined.
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    Japanese Saws vs. Western Saws

    Yes Denis, It's still on my list, but I'm doing a ton of carpentry work these days, and trying to set up a forge, so the saw will have to wait. Not to mention my speeding ticket I got on vacation... :evil:
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    Japanese Saws vs. Western Saws

    I have the Sun Child and the another dozuki by Gyokucho; they don't have the same teeth (Sun Child has combination teeth which help it rip more aggressively yet cut smoothly). I'm not sure about the one in the pic; it would surprise me if the teeth were rip, but I have no idea. At first I wasn't...
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    Ebay again.

    Hi Smudger, I'd say not quite...I think it's users who pay high prices for bog-standard planes that leads to inflation. A seller can ask what they wish for a plane, no one has to buy it.
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    Re-handling pigstickers

    Hi Denis, I'd go for the hornbeam too. I just drill a small pilot hole for the tang (big enough to fit the tip in), then put the blade in a vise, then heat the tang red and set the handle. The handle seems to melt on to the red tang. It might take 5 or 6 shots to get the handle on completely...
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    It's a JK, Derek of Oz smoother.....WIP

    Cuban mahogany for a plane eh? :tongue9: Makes ebony seem skimpish! Nice job so far, looking forward to the finished plane.
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    Is a scrub plane a good idea?

    Hi Paul, I just thought I'd make a comment that I almost made in my first post--please dont, take it as an argument; I just thought I'd throw it in for discussion. I tend to follow Henry Mercer, who defines a plane not by its length but mainly by the shape of the cutting edge. His method of...
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    Is a scrub plane a good idea?

    I agree with Tony, I use my scrub mostly for carpentry. On the other hand, I could never get along without my jack. The biggest problem I have with a scrub is that it can take huge chunks out of a board, and sometimes these chunks reach below the finished surface depth I'm aiming for. A Jack...
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    A GREAT gloat

    Very nice post Derek, And good to see Mr. Krenov hasn't lost his sense of humor. Thanks for sharing
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    I like my #45...

    Hey Denis, If you drop by Montreal you can always try out one of mine. :lol: