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    Lack of Woodworking programs on TV

    Really enjoyed that video. Kilburns about an hour from me and i’ll be paying a visit once this covid business subsides
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    Has anyone used powertoolmate.co.uk ?

    I bought a TS55 and track from them recently. They ran out of stock (had 110v in stock that they thought were 240v) so delivery was delayed by about 3 or 4 days. Emailed CS and they apologised and refunded the next day delivery charge. I wasn't happy it was delayed but was impressed with the...
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    Cabinet Scrapers

    Hi Segovia, Have you watched Matt Estlea's approach to this on Youtube? He uses the Arno burnisher and explains the process and gives a good indication of the pressure required. I've got the Veritas hard milled scrapers and use the arno, and after a few practices, get a good burr probably 80% of...
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    Axminster Deliveries

    Their machinery prices have gone through the roof. About 18 months ago I bought their AC250 Planer thicknesser. I think I paid £800 including delivery. I looked at this the other week (and just now), it is now £1k PLUS £60 delivery. That's a 32.5% increase in 18 months.
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    Newbie Alert.

    Hi Nick, Welcome and another one to have seen your user name in action. I live about 20 minutes from Finningley where she is housed now. Last saw her do a full display at Waddington air show a few years ago. Set off all the car alarms :-) Speed awareness - well I've only done one! It was...
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    Wanted Katz Moses dovetail guide

    I bought just the one LN chisel. The cost , postage and import fees meant it was about £15 more than the price here (before the prices went up). But when i bought it, they were like hens teeth in the UK.
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    Wanted Katz Moses dovetail guide

    I bought a Lie Nielsen chisel direct from the factory about 2-3 weeks ago. Took a week for it posting from Maine to UK. Was charged £12 import duties and £8 by Royal Mail for collecting the taxes!! So in my experience, the postage from the US was fine. Oh and I'm another one who bought direct...
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    Bandsaw Blades

    I think that notice went up when full covid lockdown started - rather than a Brexit thing. i think it was because of reduced working capacity and only sending deliveries out less frequently. For folks overseas, I would email Ian at tuffsaws and get the current position. oh and another one here...
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    Amazon Music Unlimited?

    I'm not a 100% sure Doug, but I don't think you can. For instance when I have my phone playing amazon music in the workshop and say my wife starts playing something on an echo device, the phone stops, if I restart the phone, the echo device stops - and so ensues a fun afternoon .
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    Festool FS-HZ 160 Clamp £10 off on Amazon Prime

    Looks like this was a lightening deal for the clamp - which has now ended!
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    eBay FFX has 15% off at the moment

    I've just bought a TS55 and 1400 track from Powertoolmate, so I've been following prices very closely over the last few weeks. The ebay prices on FFX have definitely gone up this time round. The 561583 kit was about £475 and is now £495, with £60 off - so still a saving, just not as much as it...
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    Office Furniture

    Well its nearly a year since i started this and I've just completed the first unit! Slow and steady doesn't do it justice :-) There is a shelf to go in the middle of there too. Since i built the prototype, I had a quick bout of Covid to deal with, but want to get on with building the rest...
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    Bench drill - Bosch PBD40

    I've got this drill too - been happy with it. I replaced a cheap Clarke. I'd buy the Bosch again, but not the Clarke! Really like the digital depth stop - it's been very accurate for me. Also the digital speed readout and variable speed control is so easy to use. One thing I would point out...
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    Festool Kapex 120 best price ?

    FFX have some on EBay and there is £60 off at the minute if you use code PACKUP15 - making it £1090
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    Veritas Wonder Pup(s)

    Hi, I'm after one or two wonder pups. Does anyone have any they no longer require? They seem to be out of stock everywhere in the UK (@PeterSefton any idea why?) . Thanks Ian