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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    Not that good was it. A lot of talk.
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    Kity 439 Planer/Thicknesser

    Thanks Robert. I will give that a try.
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    Kity 439 Planer/Thicknesser

    It looks to be a lubrication requirement as I can now move the Infeed table using a pair of grips on the handle but as above I can’t see what needs lubricating and how I get at it relatively easily. Can anyone help at all. Thanks
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    Kity 439 Planer/Thicknesser

    I’ve had this machine for a number of years and it suits my purpose well. However, I now have a problem with adjustment of the Infeed table for depth of cut when planing. It just doesn’t move. I can turn the adjustment knob but perhaps not through it’s full operation extent ( I honestly don’t...
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    Bandsaw blade ‘fore / aft’ pulse

    The way the whole thing vibrates and shakes suggests to me something far more fundamental than just blade guides. As has been previously mentioned, a thorough check of wheels and bearings is in order I think.
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    Reprofiling T&G tongue

    Yes, time to break out that router. Just make sure you have plenty of support so the router does not tilt while opening up the groove.
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    Anyone know anything about mirrors?

    Hmmm, Ill have to look into that........sorry couldn't resist.
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    Another Wadkin Pk Restoration

    Is it only me that can't see the piccies. All I have is a laittle box thing saying "image"
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    cc or ml?

    Much easier to work in smidgens.
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    Fixing plywood to walls

    EvoGrip is also a good one.
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    Kindle gone U/S

    We had a similar problem with my wife's kindle a couple of weeks ago. I held the power button for about a minute and hay presto, normal work was resumed.
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    How To Edge Joint

    So well put together and done. Agree with the comments already expressed. Great job thank you.
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    Forum users dust collectors and shop vacs

    Screwfix wet and dry Titan.
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    Forum Users Router Tables

    Have a tabletop one I haven't used for ages so can't remember the make. My main one is floor standing which I bought unused in an auction. It comes with plates which allow an inverted circular saw or jigsaw to be attached but never used these. I believe it was a B&Q but because it was in an...
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    Forum users' Table saws

    Scheppach TS2500