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    SIP 01938...Thoughts??

    It looks like a variation on the old Axminster Perform CCL, not a bad lathe (my CCL is still going strong after 20 years) one drawback with the SIP version is the spindle thread size of 3/4“ x 16 tpi. Most lathes are now M33 x 3.5 pitch so that might limit chuck choice, also, the headstock and...
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    Should you speak the truth?

    I found the best way to ensure people in the supermarket keep their distance is to wear my Hannibal Lecter face mask!
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    Top tip

    The best thing is Germolene liquid skin, is antiseptic, seals cuts instantly but stings like hell for a few seconds! Dave
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    head stock adapter

    Buzzby, someone who may be able to help is Dave Buckland at Solstrand Industries on the Sands Industrial Estate but I can’t promise anything. Tell him Dave Brookes said he may be kind enough to assist, if he doesn’t remember me (it’s been six years since I have spoken to him) remind him that I...
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    Record drive centre quality

    Try Chronos, they do one for £14.38. Their Crown drive (Steb centre equivalent) is also only £14.10 and works really well. Dave
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    Record power chuck shortages

    You can run the Axminster SK100 in reverse as it has three grub screws to secure it to the spindle. I run in reverse quite often and have never had any problems. Dave
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    What is your favorite American TV show?

    The best thing for virtually all US tv shows is the Off Button!
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    All good and useful info EXCEPT - DO NOT USE A ROUGHING GOUGE ON A BOWL they are not made to withstand the stresses encountered when turning bowls! dave
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    First go at a crotch turning (if that's not too rude 😳)

    First thing I saw was a nest of vipers! Nice piece of work. Dave
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    First Tool Advice

    The clue is in the title ‘Wood Carving Chisels’
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    Parkside Lathe

    Your closest Men’s Shed is at Crewe. Contact Joe Ashton on 01272 748745 Dave
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    Parkside Lathe

    Have not seen the latest Lidl one but the previous ones sold by them and Aldi are for accidents waiting to happen STEER CLEAR! Not only dangerous but difficult to get any useful additions for them such as chucks. Dave
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    Another Joke

    Apparently Vladimir Putin is possibly asthmatic Will he now be known as Vlad the inhaler?
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    Gorilla glue

    Have tried keeping it at room temperature, in a fridge, with the air squeezed out and upside down, it my opinion it is overpriced and over egged, I simply don’t buy it any more as there are other cheaper alternatives. Dave
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    Cutter insert for BCT supercut 2

    If you go to the Bierton Craft Turnery (BCT) website in automatically takes you to the Steiner website who stock these (unfortunately in Germany) available from €13.55. Hope this helps Dave