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    Alder in Chair Making (or other joinery?)

    At the moment it's just a babbling brook with about 4" of water in the deepest part, during the flooding it was almost 5' deep. I am perplexed as to how it got here though as there are some sharp bends further upstream. Like your idea for hauling it out, the banks are vetical so it will take...
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    Alder in Chair Making (or other joinery?)

    Hi All, We have a small stream that runs through our garden and during the last round of flooding we were gifted a large (in proportion to the size of the stream) alder log. It's about 16" diameter, almost 20' long and perfectly straight. I am faced with the task of lifting it the 4 or 5 feet...
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    Roubo Workbench Decisions

    I built my monster Roubo almost ten years ago and it is still all the workbench I'll ever need (and more!). Mine is over 9ft long and is fully glued up, it weighs in at over 200kg thanks mostly to the 4" thick beech top and the 6"x6" oak legs. I have a standard face vice with a wooden screw and...
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    Lathe progression?

    Not to derail this thread but Tabwell Tools, oh my goodness, what a jewel of a tool shop that was. I spent many a happy hour in there in my younger days. I miss it now that I don't live in that neck-of-the-woods (Is it still open?). Mrs Barnacles and I (before she was Mrs B o_O) had a mucky...
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    Amazon versus Screwfix

    I stopped using Amazon years ago. Their prices were significantly inflated (no doubt to account for their huge 'Prime' delivery overheads) but more than that I don't like what they stand for, where the profits go, how they treat their workers (apart from the ones in the TV adverts, they have...
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    Jet Washers

    I had a Karcher and it was junk. I bought a Stihl about 2 years ago and it’s been brilliant. I had a problem with the first one but my Stihl dealer just replaced the whole unit, no questions. As has been mentioned here already, look beyond the quoted “headline” figures and you’ll see that...
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    AT406 Or Record Envoy/Regent

    I ended up buying a Jet lathe and I like it a lot but if I were to choose from the ones you have mentioned I would probably go for the Envoy and spend the difference on either tools or accessories etc. I'd have like to have seen the Stratos 230 in the flesh but with lockdown it wasn't possible...
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    Kirsty’s homemade Christmas

    o_O Scared the heck out of me! Subsequently my ranting and yelling at the TV scared the heck out of the rest of my family (or it would have done if they weren't so accustomed to it already!). I was amazed the the health and safety brigade didn't have anything to say about it. I was rather...
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    What woodworking book to buy first?

    I think I learned more from Bob Wearing's "The Essential Woodworker" than from any other book. I rarely refer back to it, I assume because a great deal of what I learned from it has stuck with me. In my opinion that's the highest accolade for any non-fiction book. For inspiration there are so...
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    Best Nail Gun for framing , cladding and roof timbers

    Another vote for the DeWalt. I've had mine for over 5 years and it's been great. The only thing I find it won't do is drive ring-shank 90mm nails into dry timber, it just leaves them a bit proud so I have to go around and give 'em a whack with the hammer. Other than that it handles everything...
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    Domino 700

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this thread, things have been very hectic for a few days. It sounds to me like you are erring towards the 700 and I would in no way try and talk you out of it, like I said it’s a great piece of kit and I doubt you will regret buying it for a...
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    Domino 700

    I bought the 700 and while it is an amazing machine I sometimes wish I had bought the 500 just because the 700 is a bit of a monster. The obvious answer is to have both but for me buying one was an extravagance! I have the adapter to use the smaller cutters and it's fine but it does feel like a...
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    Condensation....I never knew you

    I had a heartbreaking moment yesterday when I went into the workshop for the first time in a few days only to find my new bandsaw and lathe covered in rust. I have used camelia oil and renaissance wax on both machines and it clearly wasn't up to the task. My workshop is pretty big, stone-built...
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    PIV loft mounted units

    Yes, I managed to run pipes to every room in the house. Extracts in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry and vents to all other rooms. I bought a £30 anemometer and made a contraption to measure flow at each vent. This made it easy to balance the vent vs extract of air and to provide the correct...
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    PIV loft mounted units

    We live in an old stone-built house which we moved into about 2 years ago. The first winter we were here we had such extreme levels of damp and condensation (leading to lots of mould) that I decided to do something about it. I fitted a MVHR system and can honestly say that it's THE BEST money I...