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    Record Power join the Made in Britain organisation

    Don’t know about all the pros and cons but it certainly gives me a good feeling and I wish them every success.
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    PLEASE HELP if you use British Hardwoods (Keighley)

    I bought some PAR oak beams from British Hardwoods to build a front porch. I visited them beforehand and was made most welcome and allowed to walk round the factory. They have an excellent website which made ordering easy and their prices seemed reasonable. Delivery was on time and quality good...
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    Floor colour

    Thanks Robbo
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    Floor colour

    I quite fancy the idea of covering my concrete floor with OSB. How did you fasten it down - adhesive, screwed or both? many thanks
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    Floor colour

    I quite fancy that idea of OSB covering the concrete floor. What did you use to fasten it down? Adhesive or screws or both? Many thanks.
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    Made this I - Pad stand this week

    It’s about 2’ 6” tall and means that we can ‘ face time’ the family whilst sat in a comfy chair instead of the I- Pad being wedged on my knee or in other uncomfortable places. The stem is 40 mm square steel tube with steel flat bar welded at the base to give it stability. The ‘feet’ are clad in...
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    On U Tube there is a channel called ’ Skill builder’ which gave an unbiased comparison between models.
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    Advice on Bending small bars/rods

    Whenever I want an accurate and sharp ( can be any angle ) bend in metal bar or rod I use a hacksaw to saw three quarters way through at the point of the bend which allows me to then bend by hand to the required angle. I then fill in the exposed ‘V’ shape in the metal with weld and angle grind...
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    Strange design of park bench- any ideas?

    That’s brilliant - thank you so much - I now have the whole story:- An all weather bench, used on the deck of boats, which has a facility to incorporate a parasol and which was probably attach to other similar benches in a row.
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    Garden bench - should I glue the slats?

    I also use Osmo oil for external wood with good results as long as you give it a touch up coat every 2-3 years.
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    Garden bench - should I glue the slats?

    I’ve had this bench for years and just starting a refurb. If it is any help I’m pretty sure that all the slats have been glued top and bottom.
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    Strange design of park bench- any ideas?

    Thank you - much appreciated.
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    Strange design of park bench- any ideas?

    I know what you mean but it has to be done. I’m putting my trust in three coats of Osmo UV protection oil !!!
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    Strange design of park bench- any ideas?

    Picture as promised- I’m very pleased with the result and as you can see I have done a bit of ornamental work in the areas where the parasol would have originally been.