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    floor joist thickness

    the old ways are all ways the best i still use this method Mark what's the plan for the shop will it have standing machinery on it or is it just fresh air
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    Help required

    Not a scam I have this morning had a telephone call from the Philippines and have spoken to both his solicitor and estate agent and they have confirmed the situation. so guys remember not every one is a bad one
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    Volunteers Needed - Teaching basic woodwork skills

    I would be interested in helping out in the future Im in North east Lincolnshire
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    My retirement job

    love it
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    How do you use a drill press/pillar drill?

    that's very nice mate is there any chance you could supply a drawing or dimensions as this would be very help full to me thanks in advance Ash
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    firstly it is natural dye from the berries get bucket of hot water and a good cup full of Non bio washing powder and a scrubbing brush don't power was as thi just blows out the silver sand that locks the bricks into position. when it is dry treat the whole drive with something like...
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    NFU cant beat them they way insurance should be
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    What is your favourite/most useful tool in your bag?

    a roofing bevel given to me by my father-in-law 25 years ago it was over 50 years old then wonderful piece of kit for common cut roofs it has a movable blade and fan type arrangement you set to the plumb cut on the ridge and it gives you every single bevel you need even down to the valley lay...
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    new workshop

    that's just the every day stuff
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    new workshop

    I have been a Joiner for all of my working life 30 plus years I am now in the position after an few year off due to an illness in the family, the kids have moved out and I don't have to work every day I can pick and chose my jobs and the days I want to work. So now I have some time for me after...
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    Design conundrum

    I personally would make it out of option (a) regardless of the variation in figuring and colour is quite high as it is wood a natural product that cant be reproduced and I like the differing grain colour but is it for you or a customer if you had to do option (b) then I would centre the...
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    simple bench grinder jig

    been hand grinding for years but often found a slight bias to the left side so i made this first attempt at a grinding jig
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    Laying electric to workshop - best way

    plus 1 on that you do need a good supply and when you get the final number of socket you require double it and one thing i all ways do i have a 110V transformer permanently wired in to its own supply and fuse spur
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    hi im a new member her and only have a couple of posts been lurking and reading in the background for a few months just lately been trying to post some pictures on here of some of my stuff and some of my jigs just keep getting the message "I don't have permission to post links" for images or...