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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    I love this! Do you have anything more on this build?
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Very mundane, but I am brand new to this so it's an achievement! Big scraper handle in ash.
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    Tool handle (newbie project)

    I made a handle yesterday! It turned out pretty nicely, although the finished product (a shear scraper) is a bit long so I may have to try and drill it out a bit more. First time attempting to use a skew which was interesting - much practice required! Next up, a proper stand for my little...
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    Whats your favourite penknife or multi tool .

    I must stress it's the Spyderco PITS Mk1, not the Read one! I did get it from him though - he had them up for pre-order on BBF when they were first produced. It's an astonishing bit of design, I agree. There's nothing else quite like it.
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    Whats your favourite penknife or multi tool .

    I have a Leatherman Wave which is useful but not carryable every day due to locking blades, thus I only carry it when I am going to do something which specifically requires it. I have a few pocket knives which I rotate, mostly Spydercos: a UKPK, a Kiwi 3, a Pingo (love this thing, just wish it...
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    Any must watch woodworking documentary movies?

    I watched this recently: a little film about the Von Heune workshop. Really interesting stuff. Only made a few years ago, but it's fascinating.
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    Spb1 (my first electric bass guitar build)

    Amazing! That wood is beautiful - you were right not to stain it.
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    Thanks, all - I will get some pictures up this week!
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    Hello from West Sussex! Newbie here - I did a bowl-turning course last week and had enormous fun, so am aiming to carry on. Here to learn!