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By Dwayne Dibbley
My Triton MOF001 has started playing up, kind of running fine then starting to miss like a car engine then larger sparks than normal around the armature, then cuts out and wont restart. Had a peek inside and the armature looks very black where the brushes make contact maybe due to the excess arcing. Attached a photo of the offending armature. Do you think that the armature is at fault or maybe the speedcontroller?

Was last used a year or so ago profiling 25mm mdf in a couple of passes so mdf dust everywhere as usual but dont remember if i ever stalled the router?

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If armature has developed a fault (short circuit) you can usually see a distinct burn edge to one or two of the segments, possibly 11 segments apart.

If it stops after sparking and then restarts after shaking or moving about then check the length of the brushes and that they are making firm contact with the armature, sometimes if brushes wear they have limited travel due to feed braid length.
By rafezetter
I would say check the brushes too and if it is them don't buy a set from UK - I've had cause to buy brushes twice and both times - (one of which was just 2 weeks ago for my axi router) a set from UK was £5+ for ONE PAIR - when I could buy 10 from china for LESS.

Measure the brushes and take a note of the brass cap shape and feed the dimensions into google - you'll have to guess a bit about the length but you'll find most brushes of similar width & thickness dimensions to yours with the same cap shape will have logical lengths too. Don't be swayed by "authentic part" and all that balony - you'll be able to find a compatible for a fraction of the Uk cost. You'll be dismayed how badly UK suppliers of brushes are ripping people off.
By Dwayne Dibbley
OK checked the brushes and they have plenty of length and wire / spring look in good shape, looking at the armature, there does seem to be a small hole between two of the pads see attached photos. So it's looking like the armature may have met its ends?

Thanks again

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By Dwayne Dibbley
When measuring the ohms between the pairs of pads all were around 0.4 ohms and the pair across that burn holes measured 2-300+ ohms, so ordered up and fitted and new armature and now back in business.

Thanks for the pointers, now to look for a decent router table / plate.