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A comprehensive list of useful Jigs posted by Nicky and Originally compiled in a thread by by Wizer. & recently drawn back into the light by Devonwoody.

In memory of Niki! and his willingness to share and encorage.

Thanks to Eric The Viking For finding the Archive PDF (Warning 69,231KB download) from the site

* Images Retrieved and attached to threads 14-09-2017
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Some of the above links have missing images, I've included them all here for easier access whilst they are checked out, if anyone can help recover any missing information I will try and edit accordingly.
By rafezetter
Ahh niki - came across his list of stuff on rigid forum . com - I've used a few of them, and I'm sure I'll use more, he definitely planted the seed of creative thinking to my problem solving rather than throwing money at a problem, which is needed now more than ever.

His work and ideas will be honored by many in years to come for sure.
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By sometimewoodworker
I've immense respect for the late Niki. He was so good at making do with what was available.

I do most of my work in Thailand and have the luxury of importing my own tools. However most Thais can't do that and have to make do with home made alternatives.

There is a very creative woodworker who almost seems to be a reincarnation of Niki. He has a website "" and posts on YouTube, while the explanations are in Thai so I can't understand them and some of his technique could be better, I think he has Niki's spark

Table saw table for £62 (supply your own circular saw)
The assembly and use video is at

Horizontal and vertical router table that sells for £80 (supply your own router)
The assembly and use video is at
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A big thank you to the following for helping retrieve the images for Nicki's Jigs threads.
I think I've got them all in the correct places.

Eric The Viking for locating the archived PDF from elsewhere.
MrTeroo for help retrieving some of the images in a convenient form suitable for uploading into threads.
In order to tidy up the Sticky thread I have moved the image search posts to an archive thread.