Your cheapest honing setup? **buying new only**


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3 Dec 2015
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timothyedoran":26fotnbd said:
Could anyone suggest an Amazon or eBay link to a UK seller for a set of stones please. I feel very guilty about postage for individual items from China. Yes I know that's where they are made.
You'll just be paying more for the much the same thing; if the products look identical it might even be exactly the same thing. You're not adding carbon miles or anything like that ordering directly from a Chinese seller, the stuff has to come from China anyway so does it matter if it's in the post or in a shipping container? The planes and ships are heading this way anyway after all.

Now as to a set, you probably don't need one. Everything in between very coarse and very fine is of almost no usefulness for routine sharpening duties; it's different in other media, where the finer surfaces tend to cut more slowly, but diamonds aren't those. I have no difficulty in going from 150 straight to 1,000 and you won't either, which makes everything in the approximate range 250 to 800 basically irrelevant.

They are so cheap from China you could get one or two of the middling ones anyway, but I promise you you don't need it/them for day-to-day honing and will have little or no use for 'em in a broader sharpening context.