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Yew wood for turning?


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2 Oct 2011
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Hi chaps

As part of an ongoing nature reserve project, we will in the somewhat near future be removing a large amount of yew from the Downs. Now, I understand this is good for turning. So I would be very grateful if you could give me some pointers on how the wood should be cut, handled and stored to retain maximum suitability for turning.

Now, we wish to sell some of the yew if possible to provide additional funding for the reserve. What sort of prices are people willing to pay for a pallet of blanks? I can get pallets sent all over the UK at reasonable cost.

Thanks gents (and ladies!)

Paul Hannaby

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1 Sep 2011
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Gloucestershire UK
I would say leave any cut lengths as long as possible and if you can, seal the ends too to reduce the chance of splitting. With larger diameter pieces, it would be better to split lengthways through the pith rather than cutting into shorter lengths. Or, if it's really big stuff, get it milled into slabs of a decent thickness.
Any branches above 2" diameter is probably usable. I use this size for mushrooms and 3"-4" diameter sections for goblets (decorative only, not functional!) so most of what you cut down could probably be used.

I suggest you try the local woodturning clubs as that would cut down on transport costs. You can look them up on the AWGB website at http://www.woodturners.co.uk

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