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Worm drive press


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8 Jan 2017
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I have had an idea :idea:

Whether or not its a good one im not sure!

Inspired by the fact thats its hedgerow season and theres much fermentation to be done, and the fact ive been playing with various three phase things and VFD inverters, and this thing i sawand loved the simplicity of, a few years ago.

Im wondering whether it would be possible to build what is essentially a large masticating (worm driven i believe, rather than centrifugal) juicer. I have a relatively huge three phase geared motor, the sort that would drive shutter doors. And ive had a masticating juicer before, and much prefer them to the centrifugal type which as all bluster and quite wasteful. Im thinking large enough to pitch a bucket of apples into the hopper sort of thing.

some rudimentary searching seems to suggest its not been done before, and i suspect with good reason, but i wonder whether anyone else might have any idea whether it would be a thing worth experimenting with.

If it worked like it does in my mind, you could juice anything in large quantities, and even use it to cold press oil out of nuts etc like the wind powered version, which just uses a sawn off augur bit by the looks of it.

its only a vague idea based on principles i dont understand, ive not done much engineering type stuff but its always appealed, and ive got a metal fabricators next door who are very friendly... anyone want to pour cold juice on this idea? :roll:

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