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Workshop lighting


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20 Feb 2005
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A few weeks ago I asked for advice on workshop lighting. My workshop is difficult to light because height is restricted. I had tried buzzing flickering strip lights, ordinary bulbs (too low and many needed for adequate light - then they give off excess heat) and 12V spots (pooled light and harsh reflections)

Several members suggested High Frequency Fluorescent lights. These do not have the traditional starter and switch on/off at a frequency which is not noticeable to the eye. After a search I purchased a twin unit made by Fitzgerald, code LPT285/HF. The box claims a light output equivalent to 14 off 60W filament bulbs!

In use the unit starts quietly and lights within 2 seconds (according to the spec). Initially the light is disappointing but as the unit warms up the light output is excellent. I now get a good even flood of light over the bench, no areas in shadow, and reflective surfaces do not cause anything like the aggro with the spots. The only down side is that the light is a little "cold" with the tubes supplied.

It remains to be seen how they will cope with very cold conditions, I expect I will have to give the unit some time to heat up.

To sum up, I am very happy with the unit. Although so far I have been working with reflective metal rather than wood, I am sure the unit gives much better illumination than my previous set-up.