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I wonder what people think about woodworking magazines?

I was leafing through a copy of Furniture and Cabinet making mag today, I think thats what its called. There was all the usual articles about the contributors creations and some of the work looks really, really good.

One thing stood out though, and thats the tool reviews. In this issue they reviewed the big CMT orange router. On reading this review I couldnt see one negative to buying this particular router. No mention of the fact that apparently its a De Walt in disguise. Surely there can be no such thing as a fault free router? Because if this was the case then everybody would buy them to the exclusion of all others.

It was'nt until I turned the page that I saw a full page ad. for.......
The CMT Router!!!.

Surely in search of maximum advertising revenue the publishers would not stoop so low as to offer a glowing, praiseful review of a particular machine in return for the manufacture buying ad. space???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whilst I'm sure this ain't the case, if it was, its really taking the mickey out of the reader who is the one who relies on reviews like this to make an informed decision when buying wooodworking machines.

What do others think, or am I just being cynical again?



Nail on the head Matstro

Too many of these magazines seem biased towards their advertisers. After all they pay the bills. Like you it annoys me that you can’t really get a true objective opinion on a tool from these magazines as they have a conflict of interests

That is why these forums are great for tool advice as they often give free advice based on the end users opinion. Sadly it wouldn’t take a whole lot of effort for a company such as Dewalt to pay some little schmuck to trawl these forums posting glowing reports on their products and worse still spreading bad news about the competition.

Don’t think for one minute it isn’t happening. And a little message for the mole in this group. We know who you are.


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12 Jan 2003
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this used to be exactly the case with "guitarist" magazine, and exactly the reason I stopped getting it!

how can the publishers slate a product (or even review in neutrally) if they are advertising the same product?

very political, very bad for the end user!!!

they can`t silence us though!! :D