WOODMEX 2004 ReVisited


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19 Apr 2004
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North Lincolnshire
Since my last Woodmex thread got hijacked, I'll start another :) .

Visited the show today. Free Entry and Free car park (must be a first for the NEC) :) .

Most of the small trade and hobby manufacturers machines on display, so you can spend time comparing equivalent machines and prices etc. all under one roof in comfort, ie no crowds :) Various demos to watch.

Kity is BACK well nearly, on the Scheppach stand a Kity best combi 2000,
419 and a p/t model (forgot which one sorry). So it seems a start has been made to bring these poplar machines back to life.

All the Scheppach range on display. Brimarc had a good stand also Trend showing off their CNC's and new saw blade range etc.

Festool fans will have loved their great stand, always had plenty of customers around waving their plastic. Nice tools, nearly got mine out (no comments please :D :) .

Rojek, Mini Max, Robland& Knapp (nice), Jet, (some nice machines) :) . Startrite, (strange no Record branded machines on the stand) :?: .
Felder showing off their new Hammer budget P/T, nice for the money :)
and their new 900 range 8) .

And quite a few timber stockists displaying their various timbers, (excellent) :) . some wonderful veneers etc.

And in the next hall an excellent display of the finished products that all the machines actually manufacture.

If you've never been to Woodmex their are some huge machines on display, quite a few are working. ie: 8X4 sheet of contiboard or MDF in one end and complete kitchen unit comes out the other in 3 minutes.

All in all a very interesting day.


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24 Aug 2002
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Since my last Woodmex thread got hijacked, I'll start another

What me? :idea: Sorry about that :oops:

Thanks for the review, sounds like a good show. I'll try and go next year :)