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Wood/timber store build advice


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11 Jan 2011
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A couple of questions in relation to the building of a suitable wood/timber store.

I am fortunate enough to have a reasonably large area to work with, so can either opt for a new-build outside (with a roof etc) or possibly some form of racking in the cover of an existing barn.

A simple question - if i want to store sheet goods, MDF etc, should my design allow for them to be stored flat in preference of standing them on end? I can imagine that flat is the ideal, albeit that takes up a fair amount of room. Also, standing on end is often easier to pull sheets out etc.

I was thinking of the bottom being an area for sheet goods, with racks above for timber. So in total, slightly more than a 2.4m x1.2m footprint, to allow for sheets laid flat, then a couple of simple sets of racks above.

Does this sound sensible? I may build the whole thing onto a base which I can then move with a forklift...