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7 Feb 2004
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Re request for my window pics. in the interesting How Did you get started topic. (Its encouraging to hear how redundancies and the like prompt life changes which often work out for the better) :lol:

Thanks Philly & Noel, I will post some pics when I get the first prototype made (optimistically it may even be the first window). May not be for a while though as my plans are to make them over the autumn / winter and install them late spring / early summer next year. It really has been good fun working out how I might make them and getting from the ‘far too complicated’ to seeing a way that I might achieve it. Some bits will have to be worked out as I make the first one. I do confess I will be rather childishly mightily proud if it I do achieve ‘joinery shop’ quality windows. :D

I’m copying the windows that were installed in the new part of the building. They consist of an outer frame, with an inner frame to hold the glass, some of which open and some don’t, but the construction appears the same, except there must be a tolerance for the openers to fit a weather seal, and, I presume some small allowance for wood movement. The size of this gap, and how to fit the weather strip (and what weather strip to use - I see there is some in the Trend catalogue with an appropriate router bit) is the last bit I’m trying to work out before putting the wood to the saw. If anyone has any suggestions on the size of the gap it will be gratefully received. (the gap being hard to measure properly on the exiting windows)