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Which wood finishes contained TCE / trichloroethylene?


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5 Sep 2016
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I read an article earlier today about the possible / probable link between TCE and Parkinson's, and also discovered that it has apparently been used in certain wood finishes in the past (and maybe the present, too, in countries where it isn't banned).

My Uncle died a few years back after a couple of decades of suffering from Parkinson's. He was a carpenter his whole life. When he became too unsteady to trust himself with power tools he switched to hand tools: he converted the loft of his bungalow and built a staircase for it all by hand, in his 70s.

Anyway, that article got me wondering if he might have regularly come into contact with TCE as part of his job, especially back in the 60s, 70s and 80s when nitrile gloves and masks weren't the norm. Just wondering if anyone on the forum knows which woodwork-related things contained TCE back in the day...?