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which planer or planer/thicknesser?


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I've been using a NuTool bench top jointer (the one which has variable speed), needless to say it wasn't very good and has now died on me and I want a replacement. I also have a Delta portable thicknesser which I'm very happy with.

I've 'had' my eye on the Axminster CT150 but I've since spoted a very similar machine on ebay, item#5989003126 from seller Lyndhurst Machinery which costs £275 with free delivery. Has anybody else seen this machine, I just feel that for this price there must be some catch, maybe it's just cheap and nasty like the NuTool, and I don't want to burn my fingers again.

On the other hand, I've also looked at the Record PT260 planer/thicknesser which only costs a little more than the Axminster planer and offers a 10inch planing width as opposed to the 6inch of the CT150, but as I mentioned I already have a portable thicknesser.
It would seem that all machines have their advantages and disadvantages :?

Any advice, ideas or opinions would be gratefully appreciated, thanks.


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8 Mar 2004
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Welcome to the forum.

I would be very weary about buying machinery from e-bay unless you have the opportunity to view first, it is a lot of money to spend on something unseen, and how would you get on regaerding warrentee?

I have the PT260 and am very pleased with it, but as you say you have a thicknesser. I would tend to go for the CT150 or a similar machine, I know its about the same price as the PT260 but there is a greast advantage of having seperate machine, most people don't have that luxury.

Not mush help I know.


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22 Oct 2003
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Up the proverbial creek
Welcome to the forum, DWE.

We've had some recent stuff about Lyndhurst here, fwiw. The pros and cons of standalone vs. dedicated machines is a perennial ponder amongst us all I think - have a search in the archive and I'm sure you'll find plenty of conflicting opinions. :wink: The extra width of a P/T is a benefit, and one that I prefer personally. But then a dedicated jointer will often have longer tables for a more accurate result. Not an issue to me as I tend to use shorter stock and joint with a plane to finish anyway, but YMMV. But hey, whatever you do it's bound to be a step up from the NuTool. :D

Cheers, Alf