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Which cordless system are you going with..if any?


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23 Jun 2021
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North West
Like some commenters I also run several platforms and I've acquired them more by accident than design.
I am just a hobbyist so my living isn't dependent on my tools but I will always go with what I prefer rather than sticking to a platform for convenience of loyalty.
For many years I used corded tools and occasionally picked up the odd tool while buying groceries in Aldi. But eventually I needed to do something at my parent's house and wanted a quality drill and impact driver. I settled on the Milwaukee Fuel twin pack after looking at some reviews. I have to say I am delighted with them and later added a second drill so I don't have to change bits while working on projects. If I need an SDS drill in the future I will definitely stick with Milwaukee as they are just flawless in every respect.
At some point I was given B&Q vouchers from work and they don't sell Milwaukee so I bought a DeWalt multitool kit and bare recip saw (pretty pointless tool for me and I'd have been better off buying wood stain!). I later wanted a barrel grip jigsaw and sander and preferred the DeWalt versions to Milwaukee. I also added a grinder and several batteries.
Back to Milwaukee... I liked their Fuel router so I bought that and I also added their 18 gauge brad nailer and a couple more batteries.
Platform three arrived when I decided a track saw would be useful and bought the Festool.
A few more vouchers from work were converted into a cordless Dremel kit and accessories.
So I currently run four battery platforms and I've got no problem doing so. However I am just a hobbyist and my livelihood doesn't depend on my tools. In fact I was quite taken by the Metabo cordless table saw so that may be platform five...
I've found that I prefer to buy the best tool for my needs and I don't worry about which battery it uses but there have been a couple of occasions where I'd have liked two spare Festool batteries and if my drills had also been Festool I could have just swapped them out but I can't justify Festool drills for what I do. Also, I've noticed that buying bare tools to add to an existing system isn't always the cheapest option - occasionally you can get a great deal on a kit with a couple of batteries so system loyalty becomes redundant at that point.
I found actually being able to hold the tools at the Norther Woodworking Show was a great help - I really didn't like the feel of Makita tools so perhaps visiting a show and trying out the tools might be useful.
Anyway, best if luck with your purchasing decision.


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8 Jan 2021
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I have a mixture of Bosch 12V, Bosch 18V, Ryobi 18V, and mains/corded tools. I try to buy mains corded tools for things that (should) last a long time, as mains will still be usable in 10+ years, whereas battery standards might have been deprecated by then as the technology improves. I also try to buy corded mains tools for anything I should be using extraction with, otherwise I'm at risk of being too lazy to actually use the extraction. I really like the Festool plug-it cables – I have one permanently attached to my extraction hose – I find this makes Festool mains tools about as convenient as cordless in the workshop.

For cordless, I like the Bosch 12V system the best by far, esp. for drills and drivers, and also love the hand planer (GHO 12V-20) and mini angle grinder (GWS 12V-76). I have a Ryobi brad pinner, 1/4" router and hot glue gun (the latter is brilliant), and Bosch 18V for higher power things (circ saw, air blower, SDS drill, etc).

If I was starting over I think I'd probably skip any of the 18V systems, and just go with the Bosch (or Milwaukee) 12V system and get a mains SDS drill, and a mains 1/4" router (probably a Festool OF1010).