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Where to buy second hand tools at the moment


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22 Jan 2021
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York, UK
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and quite new to woodworking. I've got myself a cheap small ish bench plane and some old chisels as well as a spoke shave. I'm having a blast squaring up wood and I'm in the process of making myself a stool. I'm after a few new hand tools to expand my collection.

I like second hand tools as there's always a bit of a story and I like to give something a second chance, being cheaper helps too. I'd usually want to go hunting in a car boot sale or charity shop but obviously both of those things aren't happening at the moment. Where would you recommend for old tools at the moment? Or is it a case of new tools only / wait until lockdown is over?

I'm happy to reshape and sharpen as I've been doing my knives for a few years already. So at the moment I'm a bit stuck as to where to get anything.

I'm after a long ish plane for straightening and some gouges for adding a rippled surface to the top of my stool and hopefully a table in the future. I'm in York if that's any help.