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where can i buy 2mm or very thin plywood - surrey UK


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16 Jul 2012
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surrey uk
hello all

a few years back i did a bit of modelmaking and used 1.5 or 2mm plywood in 4 by 8 foot sheets. is this still available? seems pretty hard to find on the net. My main question is if anyone knows a good supplier of this stuff in the Guildford area? i've seen a recommendation for Totton timber, southampton, but it's a little far and they don't seem to have the full sheets. 2m long is a minimum, but i can do it in 300mm wide strips.

If this material is not available any more, got a recommendation for how to do a 150mm radius without using MDF (it's on a boat) which i can butt joint to 18mm ply almost seamlessly?! i was going to make it up in layers, gluing strips together on a jig.

thanks all!

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