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When in doubt, DON'T force it


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2 Feb 2012
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Hi all,

First post :)

Recently moved to a house which actually has a garden and more importantly a large garage, yay, time to setup my first workshop.

After purchasing a shed load of woodworking tools, it was time to make a Dorest style apple store (shocking how expensive cheap pine is).

Everything was going swimmingly, there was a lot of thicknessing required though, and as I ploughed through it I noticed the handle to move the table up and down was getting a bit stiff, didn`t think to much about it until I realised the thing was stuffed full of shavings (will need a vacuum).

Cleared that and all was well, but damn me if the wood coming out was no longer square, duff machine ? Blades misaligned ? Send it back to Screwfix?

Might have helped if the manual was of any use, but after much investigation it`s obvious what I did, by turnig the handle to lift the table (and forcing it (DUMB)) I`d managed to force it out of alignment, like most cheap worktop thicknesser planers it uses 4 long screws on a chain sprocket setup (fifth one attached to crank), the sprockets are attached to the screws by (I assume a grub screw).

I`d managed to turn the sprocket in relation to the main screw, hence moving it out of alignment, well that`ll be fun to fix.

So learn from my mistake and don`t force the handle when it`s stiff.. :)