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What scroll saw


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19 Sep 2011
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Nr. Swansea
Hi everyone.

I would like to buy a scroll saw but want something that is a bit decent. I have seen loads that are basically the same saw but in different guises, obviously from the far east and a load of rubbish I expect. I have looked at the jet scroll saw, looks very cheap at £98 but not sure if its a good one. I have three other jet pieces of kit and each one is brilliant and I am well pleased with them, however, has anyone got the jet one and if so I would appreciate your appraisal of it. I don't mind going up to £200 for a saw. I have looked at the Proxxon DSH, it has no variable speed but two fixed speeds, I think they are 980 and 1200 or something like that. Any advice would be greatly welcome.


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