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What scam is this?


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6 Nov 2005
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Just received this in my commercial e-mail:

To the Urgent Attention of the Owner/ Manager!

Re: Case # 85************

The Better Business Bureau would like to notify you, that one of your customers has recently forwarded us a claim relative to their dealings with you. Please open the following link to carefully read the contents of the complaint: http://www.bbb.org/

In the interest of time and good customer relations, please advise the BBB of your position in this matter in writing by January 31, 2012 . Your refusal to promptly give attention to this issue may be reflected in the Reliability Report we give to consumers about your company.

We are looking forward to your prompt reply.

Kind regards,

Stephanie Jones

Dispute Counselor
[email protected]

I haven't got much of a Company. The last sale was well over 12 months ago :D
Nor have I received any direct complaints from any previous customers. There's only ever been a handful!