What kit do I need to sharpen my own table saw & ts55 blades


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11 Jan 2012
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As the heading asks, what kit would I need to sharpen my own blades?

Just want to know whether it's worth me buying in some kit to do it myself or not worry about it and continue to pay to get it done.

I'm guessing pay to get it done because I imagine the kit would cost a lot and also the time to do it.

TBH at the price of festool blades and other good quality ones i would send them out to be done properly.

Woodmonkey":pnnl046c said:

The only thing that worries me with that, apart from safety is making sure you take the same amount off each tooth to keep the balance etc.
The last blade I had sharpened cost a little over £11 and that was an eighty teeth blade. I don't know how often you require your blades to be sharpened but I would have thought the price of some kit to do it as accurately as the professionals would not have been cost effective. The length of time a TCT blade stays sharp must also come into the equation and if looked after (not putting your timber on dirty floors and not cutting gritty wood) then the cost of sharpening a blade once a year or longer would be minimal when the life of a blade is taken into consideration.
On the other hand (depending on what you are cutting) some TCT blades are so cheap now that after a year or so they may not warrant being sharpened and could go into the recycling bin, especially if you bought a few at a time.

Use a saw doctor. you will have to self sharpen a heck of a lot of blades to break even on the price of proper grinding kit and still wheels will be consumables needing regular dressing.
And don't forget the time involved. If you are a pro, then you need to factor it is as time not spent earning and as a hobbyist, you need to factor in the fact that you could be doing something more interesting.

I think the last blade I had sharpened was about a tenner, which is about an hours labour in my eyes without any costs of consumables being factored in.
I have sharpened a saw blade used as a groover with a diamond file. I desperately needed to get a job done and the blade was burning and running out of true. It did work enough to get the job done. It would be pretty difficult to re sharpen a blade on an ATB with the correct geometry.

I know the saw doctor I use has a fully robotic saw sharpener. It is loaded during the day then sharpens all night.
Not sure howhat you get a blade to last a year Andy! Some of the blades in our workshop get changed every other day.

Swapped a lot of our blades over to diamond now instead of tct. If your a heavy user of a particular blade then although the price of the blade will give you a heart attack in the long run they pay for themselves when less frequent sharpening is taken into account.
Hi Hansonread,

Where can a diamond saw blade be sourced?

I know PCD router cutters are often used in CNC machines but Ive never come across a diamond saw blade. What material can it be used to cut?

I find with TCT blades, that while they will cut ok for a long time, the period where they cut really nice and clean without chipping out, doesnt last very long.

cheers Robin