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14 Nov 2003
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Plastic Packaging

I get seriously fed up with some packaging around products, I mean you need to be a an anti-packaging specialist called Zort Winterburger to open some things...okay you don't have to be called Zort Winterburger and you don't need to be an anti-packaging specialist but there are times when a dragnot laser cannon with pleb attachment and small turning thing would come in handy just to get through that plastic packaging welded onto something simple like a small pack of screws....I AM NOT GOING TO TRY TO STEAL A SCREW OUT OF THIS PACKAGE I tell the shop assistant whose name is mike and who has recently come to planet earth and just stands there without an answer to my question...HOW DO I OPEN THIS PACKAGE ? :roll:

Other than that all is fine :)


Also when you eventually get that pack of screws off the screwed up piece of paper that is still stuck is actually the most important part of the instructions on the back of the packet . Because you had to use a klingon death grip to remove the screws in the first place the writing on that piece still stuck to the screws is completely unreadable :evil: