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What a con


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19 Sep 2011
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Nr. Swansea
Hi Everyone. It's me again.

Looks very likely i will be getting the DeWalt fret saw from a friend of mine, just waiting for him to come back to me with a price. I just went to what I thought was the DeWalt site but got another site called my tool shed.com.uk and they had a scroll saw there that looked a little familiar. It is called an Einhell and the model number, which is a right mouthful is RT-SS120L/NDK120L. It is bright red and the retail price is £479-99 but they have it on special offer at £234-00 including VAT I might add. I read the spec and again it rang a bell as being very much like another fret saw I had looked at and sure enough it is identical. It is a SIP scroll saw, same horse, different jockey except the SIP can be had for £120. They must think we came down with yesterdays rain.

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