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Welcome to the advanced section of the competition


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Keith Smith

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1 Mar 2004
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Out in the sticks in rural Shropshire
Welcome to the advanced section of The Woodworker and Woodturner competition. The prize in this category is;

Lie-Nielsen No4 (the one I recently tested so I know it’s a good one)

and the runner up will receive an annual subscription to The Woodworker and Woodturner.

The theme of the competition is incorporating man-made material, MDF, ply etc into your woodwork. Although the piece should be mostly wood, to make the competition open to all members, any man-made material may be used to form part of the finished work to comply with the rules.

The odd screw or hinge does not count.

Judging criteria;

up to 5 points will be awarded for each of the following 5 categories;

Imaginative use of materials
Choice of materials used.
Quality of finish.
Did you find it pleasing?

As this is the advanced section you can post as much construction detail as you see fit. It should clearly show that the piece has been made by your own fair hands and include at least two photographs of the finished piece.

If you have any questions or want more information look here :D

Closing date is the 23rd April 2005 ......Saint Georges day

Good luck