WANTED: Sealey Pillar Drill GDM100A parts diagram


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24 Dec 2017
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Hello All,

I wonder would anyone have a copy of an exploded parts diagram for a Sealey Pillar Drill GDM100A that they could share?

I'm missing the nut on the top of the outer pulley wheel arrangement (directly above the spindle). I've been unable to find a parts list for this model but have measured the threaded end of the drive sleeve at 17.66mm - I'm assuming it's Imperial size so my best guess is that internal diameter is 0.7 inch which to me at least, is a rather odd size.

Unfortunately, as the nut threads onto the top of a drive sleeve I'd need to dismantle the entire shaft to take it into a specialist shop to find a match which I'd prefer not doing - at least not without an exploded drawing - but may ultimately be necessary. The drive sleeve is also hollow and the spindle moves up and down within it so I can't just drill through and put a split pin in to keep the pulley wheel in place.

For reference, the corresponding part on a Sealey GDM140F is described as "Half Nut, Left Hand M18 x 1.25mm Black"