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19 Oct 2002
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Sudbury, Suffolk
I am starting to plan re-working our kitchen. :)

New wooden draws, dovetailed, with ply bottoms instead of the plastic draws with cardboard bottoms. I have done this sort of thing before, (nice draws in the workshop), should not be a problem. I will use pine/spruce for this. :D

New draw fronts and doors with raised panels instead of ply, so now we get to the question!
I am going to use Beech and on looking round have found a number of suppliers who list it, with two options, square edge or waney edge.
I know what waney edge is, I would like to know how waney is waney :?:

The price is cheaper, here are some examples from SL Hardwoods:

25mm x 100mm square edge is £3.74 per metre

25mm x 100mm waney edge is £2.52 per metre, but they say allow 100% waste :shock:

This could be taken two ways, ALL the timber I buy is waste :evil: or I need to buy 100% extra to allow for waste. OK so I know it is cheaper but not 50% cheaper.

I will be sawing and / or planing and thicknessing the timber and will be gluing up boards to make the raised panels from so every board does not need to be full width.
I have no problem with needing to be selective in which boards are used for what. I expect some waste, I am bound to screw something up and made fuel for the wood burner :lol:

So has anyone bought Waney Edge Timber (from SL Hardwoods) :?: Could you describe what you got for your money :?:




I have bought waney edge timbers from SL Hardwoods before (mainly american white oak but not pine/spruce).
In my experience the waney edge can protrude up to 50% in to the board width, and not always at the extreme ends. :x
For me, I find it more economical, and less of a disapointment (especially if you're not going to select the boards in person) to go for sawn square edge.
Best of luck :wink: ,

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