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Wadkin AGS 12" Fence


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3 Aug 2020
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Hi all,

This is my first post here and am hoping to get your wisdom and help.

After spending far too long searching, I finally bought a Wadkin AGS 12" table saw. It's in good condition, with a few marks here and there, appropriate to the age. I am very happy with the saw, with the bit of use I have had with it so far. This is where I could really do with your guidance.
In my want to buy an AGS, this one didn't come with a fence 😕.... so... I'm now continuing my quest to satisfy my Wadkin desires with a fence! My saw being an older model, had the fence locking at both the front and back.

But, from what I've learnt from my searches, is that the original fence isn't as good as the later fence that clamped on the front only. However, I think it is next to impossible to find a new version fence for sale on its own. Unless anyone here knows where one is laying looking for a good home?

Otherwise....what are my options for a high quality fence to retrofit? Something like an Incra Table Saw Fence?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Thanks in advance.



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21 Aug 2013
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Newcastle upon Tyne
Maybe you're sorted by now, but I just spotted one on ebay, if yours still has the guide bars. Personally, I have an AGS 10 with this system and I find it a faff. I'm looking to change it for a single-sided version as per the later models.