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26 Oct 2004
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Vinci (FI) - Italy
Hi all,
How someone has seen, I am a young woodworker in sense that I have done few things with wood.I will try to be clearly because I don't know very well the rights terms I should use. I hope you excuse me.

Now, I said "yes" to a repair question of my SWMBO (I begin to use this term :l l: :lol: ) about a very economic old veneered furniture of '60 .

The furniture was in very badly conditions. The top on which someone had put some vases of flowers had two black circles and the veneering was go up here and there.
The inner shelf had a big stain of oil ( I think). Therefore I thought it was better remove the ruined veneer, and it is that I done. Now I have cleared the two surfaces and bought the new walnut veneers.
The surface area of the top and the inner shelf is about 150x50 . I thought to use hide glue. Is it right??
I have some questions:
1) Do I must damp the veneer before of the glue ?
2) Do I must brush the glue both the furniture surface and veneer?
3) By great surface, when I will have brushed the last glue, do first glue will be just dried?? In this case, do I must glue one veneer after the other in sequence and covering the last with the new a little?? After on double veneer region do I must cut straight and remove the little stripes which don't serve?? Or do I must do another procedure??
4) With hide glue what is the correct clamping procedure.

Pfffiuuu. It has been a hard work to write that, because I don't speak very well your language. I hope the grammar is right, in case I have wrong, please correct me. :? :?
Can anyone help me??


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24 May 2004
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I don't speak very well your language. I hope the grammar is right, in case I have wrong,

I can't answer your questions as I don't know enough, but I think your language skills would put a lot of English people to shame :shock: !