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VCI Emitters - To protect your tools from corroding


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14 Feb 2016
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Nr Cross Hands, South Wales
I have a limited number of VCI Emitters which are surplus to requirements. They are used to protect tools from corroding in tool drawers and tool boxes.

These ‘Anchor Shield Foam VCI Emitters’ are a 10”x8” sheet which are perforated for 8No. 5”x2” foam emitters which are each suitable for protecting 1.0cu.ft of space for up to 3 years, so the whole sheet will protect 8.0cu.ft for up to 3 years. (Manufacturers bumf says up to 3yrs, but I’ll probably be replacing mine after 1.5yrs to be safe)

I’m selling the full 10”x8” sheets including 1st class royal mail delivery to uk mainland for:
1 No sheet - £8.00
2 No sheets - £15.00
3 No sheets - £22.00

More manufacturers info on them here...
https://www.armorvci.com/wp-content/upl ... -Sheet.pdf

https://www.armorvci.com/wp-content/upl ... erview.pdf

Manufacturer’s Youtube video here...

Got one in each of my tool drawers (2 in the bigger drawer!)...

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