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Valuing tools and other items from late father's workshop


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24 Jul 2019
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I posted a few months ago asking for help valuing my late father's woodworking machines and found the responses so helpful that I'd like to ask for help again in valuing what's left of his workshop. There's an awful lot of clamps, blades and other objects which I haven't a clue about. I'm researching what I can but there's still a lot to get through. If anyone can offer their advice/estimates, if would be much appreciated. I will add more images to this post as I can. Thank you very much in advance.

Metal blade
Metal parts in wooden box
6 x clamps
6 x clamps (hanging)
10 x Bessey clamps



Greatest Of All Time
29 Jul 2018
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The first photo is half of a Wadkin Trenching set for a radial arm saw, there should be a second similar piece there somewhere. They're worth upwards of £50 for both pieces.

The second photo is of a spindle moulder bearing ring set for copying to templates and such. They're a bit of an odd one to price but not unheard of for £50 or more for a full set, theres also a rebate block there that must be worth at least £30. Funnily enough, the box is probably worth a bit as it's a rare Calvert Stevens Record Plane box, if you could find the matching plane you'd be onto a nice earner there at around £150 for the plane and box.

Clamps are clamps, they're not worth much less than what they are new.

I would be very interested in the Wadkin trenching set if you can find the other piece and moulder rings if want to sell them.

AJB Temple

Finely figured
13 Oct 2015
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Tunbridge Wells
Values depend on quite a lot in my experience.

I am interested in all of the cramps if you wish to sell them as a job lot.

I frequently look at eBay and Gumtree for things like Record cramps, Festool and Mafell gear etc. Prices vary enormously, and are influenced a lot by whether the buyer will post or not. For things like cramps, I will not buy a £30 (say) cramp that I have to collect from miles away - but many times sellers will not post. Unless they get lucky this limits their sale value.

For example, a 5' Record T bar sash cramp in decent condition sold on eBay last night for £10. Dirt cheap. But seller's terms were collect in person only, within 3 days.

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